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Cornerstone Youth Ministry equips students to live Christ-centered lives in the midst of a fallen world through learning, living and loving God’s Word.
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Growing together.

Middle and high students are welcome to join the Cornerstone youth ministry as we seek to follow Christ as his disciples. Our chief goal is to introduce students to Jesus Christ through relational ministry so that they might place their faith in him and become his disciples. God wants people of all ages to follow him and we want to guide students on that journey. Junior and Senior high believers are full-fledged members of Christ’s body and deserve to be given the chance to contribute to God’s mission.

wednesday night youth group

6:30pm - 8:30pm
We meet from 6:30-8:30 for a night of playing games, singing songs and studying the Word of God.  Don't forget to bring your Bible and please bring a friend!  Youth group meets January - April, June & July and September - December

Sunday Mornings

Sunday School 11:00am -12:15pm

On Sunday mornings, the  MS & HS youth will meet at 10:30 in the youth lounge for donuts and will head into worship together.  After worship, we will dismiss to the youth rooms. We will not meet on the first Sunday of the month. Sunday School meets January - April, June & July and September - December. If you have more questions, email our Youth Director, Grady Martin

Youth Camps

Winter + Summer

Twice a year our youth will head to summer camp! Once in the Summer and once in the Winter. Camp is a great way to create deeper relationships with your peers, to have loads of fun, and to build or deepen your relationship with God.  To find out more, contact Grady Martin:


Youth Director: Grady Martin (Center)
Youth Assistant: Isabelle Blanch (Left of Center)
Youth Volunteers; Andrew Brannon (R), Caleb Phillips (2nd to right), and Anna Trueth (L)



Simply Put Podcast: Have you ever wished that someone would explain theology in a way that doesn’t require a degree or a dictionary? Every week, Barry Cooper sheds light on a different biblical or theological term, using helpful illustrations to apply it to your life.

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