our history.

"What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us." - A.W. Tozer


We are a theologically conservative, orthodox, biblically faithful, gospel-centered church that is governed, as the NT prescribes, by a group of elders that are elected by the congregation. We are known for our deep biblical teaching and preaching that is accessible and attractive to both believers and unbelievers alike. We believe that those who are investigating the validity of Christianity need to see the depth and coherence of the Bible’s message.


The Westminster Confession of Faith is our statement of faith.  The WCF can be found here:  Westminster Confession of Faith


We are members of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). We reach a wide variety of people from many different church backgrounds. Being a fully committed Presbyterian is not a perquisite for being apart of our community.


We believe that God has spoken, inerrantly in the 66 books of the Bible and that he has revealed the same method of salvation throughout the Scriptures, which is, through Christ alone, by faith alone, and by grace alone. This method of salvation is unfolded for us from the very first pages of the Bible to the end.


We embrace the Biblical and Historic Christian faith as expressed in Scripture of the Old and New Testaments found in the Apostles & Nicene Creeds. These historic creeds can be summarized in the following eight essentials of the historical Christian Faith: Bible, God, People, Justice, Jesus, Redemption, Faith and the Church


1993 - TODAY
In 1993 a group of men and woman passionate about reaching Sarasota with the Gospel of Jesus Christ started a church in the theatre at Parkway Cinema 8.  Led by her founding Pastor Dave Sturkey, Cornerstone quickly earned a reputation as a church for the unchurched. It wasn’t long before they outgrew that space.  As the leadership sought God’s guidance for a permanent home for this burgeoning family of Jesus, a new master planned community called Lakewood Ranch broke ground.Fast forward to 2002: the leadership decided to move out to the country and build a church.  For just under $100,000, eight acres were purchased at the intersection of two dirt roads and a cow pasture (now called Lorraine and University).

By 2010 15,000 residents would call LWR home. That same year Cornerstone expanded her footprint to accommodate growth with the addition of a new building including a welcome center, children’s wing, playground and an unfinished worship center spacious enough for over 600 people.  That same year Pastor Sturkey resigned. It was a pivotal loss to the momentum of the church’s vision, as it would take more than three years to find a new pastor.
In the fall of 2013, Cornerstone hired her second Pastor, Philip Woods, to refocus the original church planting vision to reach the unchurched and dechurched in Lakewood Ranch and the surrounding communities.

In 2019 we finished a build out and space refresh to meet the needs of our growing community.
Starting in the summer of 2024 we will begin work to complete our new Sanctuary space.

Today LWR has 60,000 residents—and growing. It is the #1 multi-generational community in the U.S. for four years running.
We are thrilled and humbled at what God is doing amongst his people here at Cornerstone. We hope our story will become your story, too.
1993. Cornerstone of Lakewood Ranch broke ground
2019 - Newly remodeled Cornerstone of Lakewood Ranch