vision + core values

"We exist to follow Jesus in His mission of making all things new."


"We exist to follow Jesus in His mission of making all things new."

Christ accomplishes His mission through Personal Conversion, Gospel Renewal and Culture Making.


Finding new life in Jesus Christ (Acts 16).


Continually being made new through teaching, community, and service (Romans 12:2).


Cultivating new life in people, places, and things
(Genesis 2:7-8, 15).


"At Cornerstone, we live with a commitment to the Gospel, focusing on Movements that Grow us into a more Beautiful Community."


Our foundation... in its simplest from, the gospel is the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ in the context of the story of Scripture. Thus, this value means that discovering and applying Scripture - with Christ at the center of the story - is our foundational value. 


The Gospel confronts us as well as comforts us. Even as it confronts our IRRELIGION (life without reference to God) It will NOT allow us to get comfortable in our RELIGION. As broken people being made new in Christ, we are always moving towards brokenness – we confront our OWN brokenness (through repentance), the brokenness of this world through mission, and the brokenness of other people through acts of service  we have not been saved for ourselves, but for the life of the world; therefore, we must move TOWARDS the world, not isolate ourselves from it.


All-of-life is an arena for disciple making. We are a community of head, heart, and hand learners. This is why we spend time and money on classes, studies, and other experiences that not only teach Scripture, but also address marriage and family, society, art and culture, etc.


Ultimate beauty is God having made Himself visible in the most perfect way that human beings are capable of apprehending, that is, in Jesus Christ. We behold His beauty in salvation, and we labor to redeem the beauty of His creation. Not a surface and contrived beauty, but the redemption of dignity and value in people, places, and things. Therefore, beauty is in an of itself an apologetic for Christ.


We were created for community, by a communal God (Father -Son-Holy Spirit).  As Jesus redeems us out of isolation, so we also strive to redeem each other out of the isolation of our lives. We long to be a place of refuge and warmth for all who come through our doors.