Staff Announcement

Mar 29, 2024

Cornerstone Family!! 


We wanted to update you on some staffing changes that we're excited to share with you! 


We have transitioned Taylor into a liturgist position away from his current assimilation responsibilities. What that means is he will now be Director of Theology and Liturgy and move into the position of Pastor of Liturgy and Theology once he is ordained.


We have moved Katelyn Pisa from being the administrative assistant to a new position that we've created based on a great need in our community which is Director of Hospitality. She will oversee and connect anyone who's already here or new here with our church. 


We have hired Anna Treuth to take over Katelyn Pisa as the Administrative Assistant! 


We are really excited for what God is doing here and for who he's brought on staff. While transitions can be an adjustment, we feel that these current transitions are natural gifts that the staff already has. We hope you will share in our excitement on these new hires and transitions!  

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