Cornerstone Youth

Equipping students to live Christ-centered lives in the midst of a fallen world through learning, living and loving God’s Word.


WEDNESDAY NIGHTS:  We meet from 6:30-8:30 for a night of playing games, singing songs and studying the Word of God.  Don't forget to bring your Bible and a friend! Our typical calendar to meet:  Fall: September - December, Winter: January - April, Season of Rest: May & August (no youth group), Summer: June - July. For specific dates, check out our calendar or email: Grady Martin

SUNDAY MORNING: The youth will worship with their families on the 1st Sunday of each month. For the 2nd, 3rd,4th and 5th weeks, students will begin in worship with their families and then will dismiss to the youth rooms right before the sermon begins. Sunday school will meet from 11:15-12:15pm.  Our typical calendar to meet: Fall: September - December, Winter: January - April, Season of Rest: May & August (no youth group), Summer: Students will worship with their families. For specific dates, check out our calendar or email: Grady Martin

Contact Grady Martin, Youth Director

CALENDARS: Check out our quarterly calendars to see what is going on in the life of our youth!  Download and send to your friends or keep a copy on your frig at home! There are periodic youth events on Fridays and the weekends. Please also follow the youth on Instagram to stay connected!

Middle School FALL 2023 Calendar

High School FALL 2023 Calendar

CAMPS: Twice a year our youth will head to summer camp! Once in the Summer and once in the Winter. Camp is a great way to create deeper relationships with your peers, to have loads of fun, and to build or deepen your relationship with God. 

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All middle and high students are welcome to join the youth ministry as we seek to follow Christ as his disciples. Our chief goal is to introduce students to Jesus Christ through relational ministry so that they might place their faith in him and become his disciples. God wants people of all ages to follow him and we want to guide students on that journey. Junior and Senior high believers are full-fledged members of Christ’s body and deserve to be given the chance to contribute to God’s mission.

In the youth ministry, students will experience a loving community where they can develop committed relationships with their peers and adult leaders that will spur them on in their faith journey. God’s Word will be taught in a hermeneutically accurate, age specific, and practical fashion so that students can understand God’s truth and apply it to their lives immediately! And of course we will be playing lots of games to foster a spirit of light-hearted fun to help alleviate students of the immense stress that comes with life during puberty.











GRADY MARTIN: Youth Director

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ISABELLE BLANCH: Youth Assistant 

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Liabiilty waiver

Please fill out our liability waiver if you are a new family to the youth ministry!

Liability Waiver

youth resources for parents

MS & HS can be challenging years for both students and parents. As Christian parents, we are to MODEL to our children in word and deed the attractiveness of a Godward life.  INFLUENCE a child’s heart in such a way that s/he is attracted to the gospel of Jesus Christ as it is demonstrated in the Christian life and love of his or her parents. DEMONSTRATE an attractive, Christ-centered life using biblical discernment to test cultural influences, and teaching children how to exercise biblically informed spiritual and moral discernment for themselves. Finally, actively ENGAGE in shaping the culture of our homes in order to incline our children’s hearts toward God. For other Youth resources, click here!